How Vaginal Steaming Supports Fertility!

How Vaginal Steaming Supports Fertility!

Where Does Fertility Support Start?

Fertility is a holistic journey. There isn’t a magic pill or procedure that can get you there–it’s a commitment to learning how to work with your body instead of in spite of it.

For women, our menstrual cycle is our greatest ally. Our period serves as an internal compass guiding our attention to what we should focus on for our reproductive health. Our menstrual symptoms are what our body uses to communicate with us.

Whenever you experience PMS, cramps, or clots during your period, your body is telling you something.

Whenever your menstrual blood is pink, brown, or black, your body is telling you something.

And whenever your cycle is long, short, delayed, or absent, your body is telling you something loud and clear.

All of these details and variations matter when trying to prepare the body for conception and pregnancy. Within Western medicine–a practice that regulates periods and hormones with Birth Control–these symptoms are often overlooked.

Eastern medicine offers a full-body approach to wellness. These health practices urge us to pay attention to our symptoms and address these imbalances at the root.

Where fertility is concerned, this is absolutely crucial! 

How Does Your Period Affect Fertility?

The female reproductive organs are surrounded by an interconnected root system of arteries and veins. Our blood flows through these pathways and carries out the many tasks necessary for reproductive and hormonal health. The uterus then performs a monthly cleanse known as menstruation to shed and clear the womb for the next cycle.

Just like other organs in the body, the uterus can become overworked and doesn’t always function as planned. When the uterus is fatigued, this can lead to slower or incomplete sheddings of the uterine lining. When the lining isn’t completely shed during your monthly cycle, blood and other contents can become stuck and create stagnation in the uterus. 

Over time, stagnation restricts blood flow to the pathways in the root system and prevents them from doing their job. These pathways are essential for providing the nutrients needed for healthy ovulation and consistent menstrual cycles. 

When this happens, it becomes difficult for the womb to sustain healthy pregnancies.

What Are Signs The Uterus Isn’t Getting A Full Cleanse?

  • Painful periods
  • Menstrual clots
  • Heavy bleeding
  • Irregular periods
  • Absent periods
  • Pink, brown, or black blood
  • Spotting (in between cycles)
  • Fibroids
  • Endometriosis
  • Blocked fallopian tubes
  • PCOS

Irregular Cycle Lengths ( long, short, or absent) are a sign that ovulation is inconsistent or isn’t occurring at all. In these cases, fertility support is needed to regulate ovulation which will also regulate your period.

Irregular Cycle Bleeding (cramping, clotting, and/or heavy flows) is a sign that the womb is likely congested from past periods and having difficulty cleansing each month. This makes conception challenging as the womb needs fresh lining for implantation to occur. In this case, fertility support will ensure the womb is cleansing each month and keep the uterine walls clear and healthy.

What Happens When The Uterus Is Cleansed?

  • Cycles regulate 
  • Monthly ovulation occurs
  • Healthy red blood flow
  • Less clotting (if any)
  • Fewer, milder cramps

Most importantly, once your body is cleansed your womb will be restored and ready for conception!

Is Womb Steaming Fertility Support?

Womb Steam (Vaginal Steaming) is the process of adding specific herbs to boiling water and then positioning the pelvic area over the therapeutic steam and the soothing oils being released. Once safely seated directly above the boiling herbs, the oil particles in the steam can be absorbed directly into the bloodstream through the vulva and surrounding tissue.



 Womb steaming can significantly help with fertility by creating the ideal environment for successful conception. By introducing specific herbal vapours supportive to feminine health, the uterus can stimulate the body’s natural cleansing process. This allows blood to flow smoothly and allows the body to clear the existing pathways, gently detox, and optimize hormonal health. 

Menstrual regularity is essential for conception, and womb steaming supports healthy and effective ovulation. To gain the full benefits of womb steaming, it’s recommended to steam at least once per week (not during menstruation) for three to six months.

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