About Us

My name is Geneva Rayne!

I am a mother of three, a wife, a birth worker, a  herbalist, and the founder of Her Village -- an organization that offers holistic support to women for birth & beyond.

Her Village is a company I started just after the birth of my first born. I always had a love for birth work and an interest in women’s health. I had a deep yearning to connect to my roots and be a part of a village-like community I imagined we all came from.

Having my own challenges with conception showed me the importance of a nourished postpartum experience. I was guided to the ancient art of Vaginal Steaming, an age-old practice used by many traditional healers around the globe. Using Womb Steaming, I found a way to regulate my own menstrual cycles and even experienced an accelerated postpartum recovery after my home-birth.

Soon afterwards, I studied the practice further and even enrolled in a training program, hoping that I would be able to pass this knowledge on to others who were struggling. After completing all of my courses, I became a certified Peri-Steam Hydrotherapist and began to offer these services and resources to the women in the community.

As a Peri-Steam Hydrotherapist & Birth Worker, I’ve spent the past three years assisting women on their incredible menstrual, fertility, & postpartum journeys with the use of womb steam therapy.

I encourage everyone to be curious and kind as they learn more about their bodies and reproductive health - it really does take a village!

- Geneva