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As feminine beings, it is important for us to acknowledge we are all on our own personal fertility journeys. Fertility, not just for the purpose of conceiving and giving birth to babies, but for the purpose of birthing, & creating the lives we desire.

Throughout my 10 yrs of working with women, and through my own experiences, I’ve learned that many of the menstrual issues we face don’t just stem from physical imbalances in the body, but these symptoms are correlated with emotional imbalances as well.

During our session together we will do a deep dive into your personal imbalances & learn the womb steam blend that will best support your particular womb pattern. You will expand your knowledge of issues that may be feeding your current challenges or causing blockages on your desired path.

Along with that you will receive a customized steam plan, that will help guide you in using womb steaming to cleanse, detox and shift the imbalances that exist within your womb & wound pattern.

Consultation Includes:

30 Minute Virtural Call (Audio or Video)

Menstrual Cycle Assessment

Womb Blend Recommendation

Customized Steam Plan


Upon purchasing your consultation, you'll receive an email confirmation. Please fill out intake form included in email, prior to our scheduled time.

Customized Plans For:

+ Fertility

+ PMS 

+ Endometriosis

+ Fibroids


+ Bacterial Vaginosis/ Yeast infections

+ Trauma Healing

+ Labour Preparation

+ Postpartum Healing

  • Cleanse & Detoxify

    Connect to yourself and your body in an incredibly powerful way. Our womb space is where we often store unresolved trauma, hurt & tension, womb steaming can help us to release!

  • Replenish & Restore

    An age old practice used to cleanse our reproductive tract. Many women's health imbalances stem from our wombs not getting a full cleanse each month. Steaming allows us to replenish & restor

  • Nourish Your Cycle

    Establish a deep connection to your divine center. Steaming regularly supports our bodies natural cleansing cycle, resulting in more regular cycles, balanced pH, reduced PMS & enhanced fertility.

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